What Does the Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association do?
ABDNHA is a community-based non-profit educational organization dedicated to
enriching the experience of desert residents and visitors.
We offer more than 150 activities and programs each year.
We have been doing what we do since 1971.

ABDNHA - What We Do - 2016-2017

During the wildflower bloom in March of 2017 ABDNHA passed out over 10,000 free flower maps to assist visitors in finding blooming locations.

At the peak of the bloom ABDNHA's website hit a record of over 5,000 visits in a single day, mostly to check our our wildflower update page.

Energy Career Connections 2016

 For the past four years ABDNHA has sponsored this program to connect high school students with leaders in the fields of energy to inform them of the many career paths open for them in the energy industry.

The program was expanded this year to include five high schools in San Diego County.  The entire senior class from Borrego Springs High School participated.

ABDNHA's Desert Nature Center offers one of the most extensive collection of desert books and guides to be found in California along with unique gifts, artwork, clothing, educational toys for kids, and also serves tens of thousands of Borrego Springs visitors in search of desert information.

Thanks to Al Dumas for volunteering to lead our our weekly bike of the Borrego Valley. Rides took place every Friday from January until April.

Have you been to the ABDNHA website during the past year?
The ABDNHA website is on track to for 180,000 visits in 2017.

Timely reports, things to do, and beautiful photos are what drew visitors to our website.

Special Information for Members
Desert Nature Center: Sales and updates
Calendar of ABDNHA events
PLUS - Original Articles

2016-2017 Articles included:

Pronghorn: The Missing Mammal
Borrego Valley Agricultural History: Grapes, A 3 Part Series
Rattlesnakes of Anza-Borrego
Backcountry Roads and Trails:
Fonts Point for a Change
Penstemons for the Hummer
Tarantula Wash: an Out of Park Experience with a Hint of Danger
Desert Bookshelf
Field Notes: Great Horned Owl
Field Notes: Would the  Wildflowers ever Get Here?
Did you Know? Swainson's Hawks
Short Ambles: Along the Garden Path
Did you Know?  Jupiter
Vallecity Creek, a Stream of History
Buzz from the Board
The Splendid Ocotillo
Little Surprise Canyon: An Overlooked Gem
Backcountry Roads and Trails: A Mountain by Any Other Name
New Weed Threatens Wildflowers
Radio Telescope to Go Into Space
Backcountry Roads & Trails: Hot on the Trails of Vallecito Creek
How Did Borrego Springs become the World's Second International Dark Sky Community?
Short Ambles and Long Rambles:Quartz Vein, My Favorite Wash
Focus on the Salton Sea
Sky Calendar: Two Spacecraft Crashes
Butterflies Galore in our Garden

ABDNHA's business members support the educational work of the Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association and provide tourism services in Borrego Springs.


Their support is appreciated.

























Glorieta Canyon - McElhatton
Sunset at Kenyon Overlook - McElhatton
Airplane Monument Loop - Joan Malone
4WD Canyon Sin Nombre - Ed Pollock
Glorietta Canyon - Kathy Bussey
Ramona Grasslands Walk & Kohill Winery -
Urmi Ray & Sanjiv Nanda
Bow Willow to Mt Palm Springs - Dave Duncan
Gypsum Peak Loop - Fred Melgert
Harper Loop - Urmi Ray & Joan Malone
Blowsand Badlands Loop - Fred Melgert
Malpais Loop - Fred Melgert
Easy Hikes with Pam - Pam Blake
Ship Rock - Kathy Bussey
Deep in the Badlands - Dave Duncan
4WD - Font's Point - Vista del Pais - Ed Pollock
No Return Canyon - Fred Melgert
Tarantula Wash - Joan Melgert
4WD Coyote Canyon to Sheep Canyon - Ed Pollock
Sunrise Hike to Font's Point - Terry Hunefeld
Desert Garden Loop - Joan Malone
Hellhole Canyon Ridge - Amy Brewster
Stone Wash Loop - Fred Melgert
Stone Bridge # 5 - Kathy Bussey
Olla Wash Loop - Robin Halford
Alcoholic Pass - Amy Brewster
Bisnaga Wash - Fred Melgert
4WD Jasper Trail - Ed Pollock
Cool Canyon - Kathy Bussey
Oyster Shell Loop - Fred Melgert
Sunrise Hike Lute's Ridge - Terry Hunefeld
Ironwood Wash Loop - Robin Halford
4WD Gettysburg Canyon - Ed Pollock
Plum Canyon - Amy Brewster
4WD Dos Cabezas & China Camp - Reena Deutsch
4WD & Hike Carruzo Creek - Ed Pollock






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