The ABDNHA Desert Photo Gallery
lightning strike and rain anza borrego
Lightning Stike and Rain - Railway Water Tower in Foreground at Dos Cabezas 
Photo by Kevin Key

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Desert Bighorn Sheep Anza-Borrego Desert State Park by Fred Melgert 
Bighorn Sheep in Moonlight Canyon by Fred Melgert 
Rainbow Wash Anza-Borrego Desert State Park by Joy Ziemnick 
Rainbow Wash by Joy Ziemnick 
bobcat in anza borrego by daren sefcik
Bobcat by Daren Sefcik
Darin says "Ever get that feeling you are being watched? I was out in the middle of nowhere eating my lunch and I look over and see this bobcat fixated on me. He watched me for at least 20 minutes before I moved on. I did not see him move an inch, just stared at me."
milky way arch over ocotillo anza borrego desert
Milky Way Arch over Ocotillo.  Panorama with 14 vertical frames.  Photo by Kevin
17 Palms Oasis Anza-Borrego Desert State Park by Fred Melgert 
17 Palms Oasis by Fred Melgert  
This incredible shot of a roadrunner killing a Sonoran Gopher Snake is by Roger Skidmore.
Roger specializes in roadrunner photography and has followed their lives from egg to adult.
The roadrunner ultimately won this fight and ate the snake.
Old Desert Art:   Pictographs in Carrizo Gorge by Daren Sefcik
More Recent Desert Art: Salton Sea Area - Kama Sutra Mural on Watertank, Slab City  Mike McElhatton
desert bighorn silhouette in anza borrego by daren sefcik
Desert Bighorn Silhouette,   Palm Canyon by Daren Sefcik
Fonts Point anza-borrego desert moon rising over badlands
Moonrise at Sunset Fonts Point  - Mike McElhatton
antelope squirrel anza borrego by daren sefcik
Antelope Squirrel eating a spiny meal by Daren Sefcik
banded rock lizard in cool canyon anza borrego by joy ziemnick
Banded Rock Lizard in Cool Canyon by Joy Ziemnick

Borrego Springs at Night
borrego springs at night anza-borrego night sky
March 21, 2015
Crescent Moon Setting, Venus above, Mars just barely visable below and to the right of the moon.
Click below and listen to the coyotes yip.