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North Sculptures-Indian Head-De Anza Loop.  14 Miles DOWNLOAD PDF OF THIS ROUTE

Details: Entire route is on paved roads.  Start at Christmas Circle and head north on Borrego Springs Road. At Big Horn turn right and go .25 miles to see the scorpion and grasshopper sculptures and the grape pickers, just off of the roadway.  Return to Borrego Springs Road, turn north (right) and continue past the Sand Serpent and other sculptures to the entrance of Indian Head Ranch, on your left.  Enter through the open gate and continue along the pine tree-lined roadway, past more sculptures, and along a beautiful straight roadway to the far northern end of Indian Head.  This is a great place to bike. Turn left when the road turns left and continue all the way up the short hill, turn left again, and get a nice downhill to the bottom of the loop. Exit Indian Head through the same gate you entered, get back on Borrego Springs Road and go south. Turn right on Santa Rosa, right on Catarina, and left on De Anza Drive, taking you through the De Anza Country Club, and many beautiful desert homes with mountains in the background.  Turn left on Yaqui Road from De Anza Drive, right on Pointing Arrow, left on Lazy S and then left on Big Horn, which will return you to Borrego Springs Road.  Turn left on Borrego Springs Road to return to Christmas Circle.