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Church Lane - Mid Borrego Valley Loop.  8 Miles   DOWNLOAD PDF OF THIS ROUTE

Details:   Entire Route is on paved roads.  Start at Christmas Circle and head west, up Palm Canyon Drive, and then left onto Country Club.  Take Country Club a short distance and then turn right onto Sunset.  Sunset offers great views of the mountains to the west and then swings to the left, becoming Church Lane, a beautiful newly-paved road, that features four of Borrego Springs' churches, and striking desert landscaping.  Turn right onto County Club and follow it through a quiet residential area as it slowly climbs to Tilting T.  Turn left onto Tilting T.  Take care crossing Borrego Springs Road (S3) and continue on Tilting T, crossing DiGiorgio, where it widens and passes between Club Circle and the Borrego Springs Resort and Spa.  You can take a side trip into either area if you wish.   Turn left onto Borrego Valley Road and then turn left again at Palm Canyon and this brings you back to Christmas Circle.